creative and collaborative problem-solving methods

A go-to resource provided by design thinking precursor organisation IDEO, for design thinking and human-centred design resources.

Acumen's free course created in partnership with Design Thinking precursors IDEO, provides a great introduction to human-centred design and creating solutions based on gaining a good understanding of people's through the design thinking process and methods. The Human

Nature Cards are a collection of cards featuring strategies from the natural world that inspire us with a new mindset as we approach design challenges. Use them to frame your design challenge, evolve your business strategy, brainstorm, teach, or simply to think creatively and holistically with nature in mind.

Board of Innovation, an innovation and strategy firm provides various methods and frameworks for innovation.

Another great set of innovation and design thinking resources. It has been developed more specifically for development practitioners to invent, adapt or adopt ideas that can deliver better results.