About the Design for Life project

The Design for Life Toolkit is a project by Aurelie Lionet aimed at gathering and sharing resources, tools and practical examples to Design for Life.

It's more than ever essential to collaborate and share what we learn with others, so we can take action, find and implement solutions and approaches that help people and planet thrive in balance. Through collaboration and sharing we also keep each other motivated in solving the complex issues that we face.

This is an open-source toolkit which anyone, designers and non-designers, can use and contribute to in order to affect positive change at their level.

Who's behind this project?

I'm Aurelie Lionet, a Service Designer originally from French Polynesia, based in London. I'm passionate about untangling complex problems and helping to create solutions ensuring that people and planet can thrive in balance. I'm constantly learning from other people's amazing work, and have come across great resources over the years. I've been gathering them in my own library of resources, and decided to share it with others who might find it useful.

I'm hoping to collaborate with more people in the future in order to gather and share learnings from a multitude of perspectives; across industries, borders and roles. I'm particularly looking to include more tangible real-life examples and case studies illustrating how the principles outlined in this toolkit are put into practice.

Interested in having a chat? Do you have something to share? Get in touch!